Partner Reviews

Become an official partner: Data, Analytics & Insight Leaders Masterclass

“A huge amount of credit needs to go to John McCambley for organising these events; his Marketing Masterclass Series has been the best set of industry events I’ve been to or been involved in. John is genuinely interested in creating an event that helps businesses. It’s so refreshing from the normal agency and brand bragathons that most events have become. We’ll see you at the next one.”

Digital Strategy Director at Home Agency

“I recently delivered the Keynote at the Paid & Biddable Leaders Masterclass in Leeds and couldn’t have been more impressed with the event. It was flawlessly executed from start to finish, with brilliant communication and assistance from John before, during and after the event. There was an excellent calibre of delegates in attendance and we have already received enquiries from some big brand names – we can’t wait to get involved in the next event!”

CEO at Loud Mouth Media 

“The event was extremely well organised, had the right people in the room and we had some great conversations with potential clients.  Look forward to the next one.”

Commercial Director at Aquila Insight

“I really enjoyed getting involved with the Marketing Masterclass Series and the event gave us an amazing opportunity to get in front of a businesses from a wide-range of industries including many of the biggest brands in the UK. We can’t wait to get involved again.”

Managing Director at Tunafish Media

“Being involved in the Digital Content Leaders Masterclass was real privilege. As well as being extremely well organised and massively insightful for both guests and experts, the event allowed us to meet and get to know some fantastic delegates too. We’re glad to have taken part.”

Managing Director at theEword

”I always find it’s rare in the world of events for the event itself to live up to the billing. But our first experience of a Marketing Masterclass Series event certainly did. That these events are so well attended and run is testimony to John and his meticulous attention to detail and relentless drive to make each event a success for all delegates and partners.

It was great to hear so many inspired marketers going back to their offices with great takeaways from the content session.”

Managing Director at Forward Role Recruitment