Speaker Spotlight: Tim Leonard (Elmwood)

Elmwood’s Brand Provocator Tim Leonard shares an insight into his career defining work on the Morrisons Market Street project.

Tim’s session ‘The Death of Who: The Birth of Me’ at the Brand & Audience Engagement Masterclass will look at the changing face of demographics and how smart brands are responding and rethinking the very meaning of targeting.

What or Who inspired you to enter a career in brand marketing?

The amazing planet we live on and the fascinating creatures (humans) that run around on its surface! I’m personally very interested in behaviour and consumer insight. The better we understand people, the better we can make the experience when people come into contact with a brand. Ultimately this will make the world a better place, and it’s my job to try and make a difference.

What is the single biggest challenge that brands face when it comes to ‘Brand & Audience Engagement’?

Indifference. It’s the anaesthetic of the familiar. The bland, the safe and the unadventurous has no point of view. It can’t hope to bring people out to play.

What is your career defining project to-date?

Morrisons Market Street. We needed to set Market Street apart from the other supermarkets – create a more engaging customer experience, give Market Street a sense of ‘theatre’ and develop a unique and ownable new identity and personality. During the initial strategy work, we carried out customer journey mapping to gain a better understanding of how customers shop and where we could optimise the experience. A very involving project with an impactful end result.

Who would be your ‘Dream’ client – if you could win their business?

Whilst I love working with small challenger brands (rule breakers are so much fun) I’d love to work with Lego. A multi-generation brand that blends physical and digital – phygital if you will!

What is the 1-book that changed your thinking and approach to your career/job?

Made to Stick: Why some ideas take hold and others come unstuck. By Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Would definitely recommend it.


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