About Marketing Masterclass Series

The Marketing Masterclass Series delivers a roster of roundtable-based events powered by industry leaders from the world of digital, content, data, communications, UX, customer experience and marketing strategy to provide delegates with a unique learning experience.

What is unique about the series?

Our industry leaders and experts discuss the big issues, strategies and trends that are shaping the marketing landscape – All in a relaxing and ‘Sales-Free’ environment.

All our events are ‘Invitation Only’, with a limited number of delegate passes made available for purchase. This means, we have greater control over the quality of the audience in attendance to ensure maximum knowledge share, learning and networking.

To-date, the series has been attended by senior delegates from many of the UK’s biggest and best brands, including a range of global organisations and FTSE 100 listed companies. Read some of our delegate reviews to see what they think about our events.

How does it work?

Rather than defining a rigid event schedule over a 12-month period, we’re focused on delivering ‘Real-Time’ masterclasses that are based on the hottest issues and trends. This gives us greater flexibility to be creative when it comes to event production and planning.

As part of the masterclass, delegates gain full access to a minimum of five learning experiences, which all explore the event’s core theme.

Putting the delegate experience ‘FIRST’

All our events are produced and delivered with the delegate experience at the heart of everything – Not with the sole focus of commercial revenues. All our delegates have the opportunity to speak at future events, and can also become regular guest bloggers for the Marketing Masterclass Series.

The above is a showreel from our recent Data & Insight Leaders Masterclass – Manchester (4/4/17)

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