Guest Post: Digital Marketing is Dead

In today’s guest post, Lloyds Banking Group’s Digital Marketing Manager Myles Arkins, shares his #DLMLeeds experience, and some of the key takeaways from the masterclass.

Digital marketing is dead – A bold statement, but one that’s stuck with me ever since the recent Digital Leaders Masterclass in Leeds.

Going into the session, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I knew it was a collection of presentations from great agency minds, but I didn’t really have any expectations around what the content would be. A sales pitch? A generic overview of the current marketing landscape? Or some real thought leadership on the future of marketing?

Thankfully it was the latter and I have to say I was impressed. From advancements in search, to the perfect data/creative marriage, through to social and beyond, it was 3 hours of finely crafted content that made you sit up and take note.

The presenters were excellent, all really enthusiastic and fun, allowing the content to be effortlessly absorbed. Hats off to Tom from Epiphany who kept me engaged on search algorithms and attribution modelling – not really my bag, but fascinating none the less.

On a personal level, there were two presentations that really stood out. Coming from a content and social background, Alex from Bloom and Tom from We are social really made me question what I thought I knew and where we were heading as a brand.

Alex’s presentation on the future of marketing and content had a simple message at its core. There’s no such thing as digital marketing anymore – just marketing. Anyone still working in silos with internal digital specialist will get left behind and eventually disappear.

Going back to basics and looking at what your brand, service and experience means to customers is still of paramount importance. Getting lost in the technicalities and red tape around digital delivery will stop you focusing on what is important. Great content is great content, with digital just another channel for great marketers to deliver through.

Tom at We Are Social then gave us a glimpse into the weird and wonderful future of social and online. From logging on to watch people eat chicken, to renting out your walking boots for a £1, he somehow convinced us all it was just around the corner.

In truth, they were all guesses at what might happen– some wilder than others. But understanding how and what people are interacting with online right now is the best way to spot trends in the future. One particular trend Tom shared around “Conscious community” was of particular interest and the tools Tom shared to help implement these trends into our social and marketing activity, I’ve taken away and introduced to the wider team. Watch this space I guess….

On the drive home I certainly knew I’d been in masterclass. Mentally a little drained but my mind buzzing around how I could implement what I’d seen and heard into my work.

Myles Arkins – Digital Marketing Manger

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