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Creating Social Content for Brand and Personal Engagement (Keynote)
Sam Jones, Managing Director at Tunafish Media

This session will look at how you can create content and manage your online channels to raise brand awareness and increase engagement for both you and your brand. Sam will also discuss case studies showing how himself and Tunafish have achieved this in the real world.

Delivering Content that Builds Trust & Fosters Audience Loyalty 
Richard George, Managing Partner at Wavemaker
Simon Jones, Head of Digital Engagement at Wavemaker

  • Cutting through the clutter – Purposeful content (creating trusted content that has a tangible impact on your business)
  • Measuring success – in an era where everything “performs well”, how can you measure trust and effectiveness?
  • All content isn’t equal – cutting the crap! Actionable insights on how to make the most of the content marketing opportunity

Putting Content at the Heart of SEO
Emma Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO at Harvest Digital
Mike Teasdale, Co-Founder and Planning Director at Harvest Digital

  • Discover Google’s own guidelines for great content
  • Find out why 90% of all content has no SEO benefit
  • Which content formats are winning right now

How to Utilise Data & Analysis to Build a Winning Content Strategy 
Kira Feather-Stracey, Head of Content and Online PR at Search Laboratory
James Bentham, Head of SEO Account Management at Search Laboratory

  • Identify the right data to inform your content strategy
  • Align content types with your business KPIs
  • Use data mining techniques to maximise content performance

Maximising Content Performance Through a Strategic Ideation, Creation & Promotion Strategy 
James Brockbank, Managing Director at Digitaloft

  • Understand how and why certain content ideas work (and don’t work) at the ideation stage. Learn from the mistakes of others and don’t waste time creating and promoting content which won’t deliver!
  • Gain an insight into how the choice of content format can make or break a campaign; ensuring you always deliver in a format which allows multiple different story angles to be pulled.
  • Create a promotion strategy which spans multiple channels to maximise pickup and exposure; driving success for the campaign and meeting core KPIs.

Content and Innovation in a Changing Social Media Landscape 
Liam Foy, Head of Social at Bring Digital

  • How Innovation will change the social media landscape
  • How you can prepare for these changes
  • The content that will lead the way – including social story telling arcs

Creating Personalised Content Experiences 
Tim McCloud, Managing and Creative Director at TMC Strategic Communications
Terri Lowe, Marketing Manager at TMC Strategic Communications

  • How to serve better content to people inside and outside of your company
  • Align your content framework with your customer needs and wants
  • Learn how creating personal content experiences are essential to your organisation and your customers

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