Programme Sessions #PBLEEDS17

Programme Sessions for Paid & Biddable Leaders Masterclass, Leeds

Beyond the Click: Creating Lifetime Value with Digital Advertising (Keynote)
Mark Haslam, Founder & Managing Director at Loud Mouth Media

The way people shop and interact online is changing. We can no longer refer to a simple, linear path to purchase. Rather, there is an increasingly complex and lengthy trail, with multiple devices and an abundance of offline and online influences, all impacting on their final purchase decision. Now more than ever, businesses that invest their time in analysing the full customer journey and engaging with their customer at each stage will be most impactful in their efforts to retain customers and boost lifetime value.

In this session, Mark will discuss the strategy he recommends to go beyond the click in digital advertising. From creating the perfect audience to capitalising on your website visitors, he will reveal the latest in digital advertising innovations he has used to help grow businesses online.

How to Plan for the Moments That Matter
Claire Stanley, Digital Media Director & Lawrence Alexander, Digital Strategy Director at Home

  • Media performs best when it’s delivered to the right person, at the right time and in the right place, but also recognising their mindset.
  • The consumer must be understood before a media plan is produced. E.g. audience segmentation and behaviours.
  • Ads must deliver a message that is relevant to the consumer and the moment they are in to ensure we engage them.

How to Deliver Truly Integrated Biddable Campaigns with Significantly Better ROI
Ian Miller, CEO at Crafted

  • Understanding how other marketing channels can contribute to biddable in order to unlock significant gains
  • Overcoming the common challenges brands face with integrated campaigns
  • Creating a positive feedback loop from biddable campaigns into wider activity

Unlocking the Power of Paid Social
Chris Rowett, Performance Director at Journey Further

  • How to build a successful campaign
  • How to measure performance effectively
  • How to scale using technology and data

How a Better Understanding of your Competitive Landscape Can Help You Overcome Issues with Poor Performance in Paid Search Campaigns
Ashley Fletcher, Director of Product Marketing at Adthena

  • Understanding, reacting and staying ahead of competitor trends in your search auction
  • Overcoming challenges from advertisers bidding on your brand
  • How can learning from the auction better prepare you for future budget planning?

Using Cross Channel Data to Help Your Campaigns Work Harder
Arianne Donoghue, Paid Media Development Manager at Epiphany

  • Display can be a hugely rich source of data. Work with partners who can enrich your first party data and return it to you to use elsewhere
  • Go beyond audience segmentation and behaviour and build out real customer profiles
  • Using attribution and micro conversions to guide bidding/buying decisions

Paid Search and Programmatic Display: A Full Funnel Approach
Ed Blakeway, Head of Programmatic & Pete Whitmarsh, Head of Paid Media at Search Laboratory

  • Plan a truly effective cross-channel campaign that reaches customer at every stage of the funnel.
  • Understand the impact of each channel; how this affects your strategy over time and how it can evolve.
  • Overcoming common challenges and business objections.

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