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When: Tuesday 14th July 2015
Where: Elmwood, Leeds, LS11 5WD
Time: 9.00am to 12.30pm * Registration 9.00am-9.30am

The Death of Who: The Birth of Me (Elmwood)

We are living in a period of unparalleled change, in a world of where barriers are being torn down, traditional roles are being challenged and people are no longer defined by age, gender or location – welcome to the post demographic era.

Elmwood will take a look at the changing face of demographics and how smart brands are responding and rethinking the very meaning of targeting.

Tim LeonardDan Monteith
Dan Monteith, Group Client Services Director & Tim Leonard, Brand Provocator at Elmwood

Trust me –  I’m a brand (WRG)

In this session we will be sharing why trust today should continue to be at the top of the brand engagement agenda and how it – or perceptions of it – has evolved. We’ll look at trends on who consumers trust first, how organisations can respond and the power of  ‘Inside out’ branding.

Carol Smith






Carol Smith, Director of Brand Engagement at WRG

The Dating Game: The importance of brand seduction in the age of information (Jaywing)

This session will take a closer look at why we have to stop seeing ‘head and heart’ and ‘maths and mad’ as conflicting forces. Nicola will examine why data optimisation and technology needs to work together with brand myths and storytelling  to ultimately drive customer value and profitability, and how as marketers, we can’t forget the things we learned about people’s relationships with brands in the ‘age of broadcast’ – as we move into the ‘age of information’.

Nicola Carey






Nicola Carey, Head of Strategy & Planning at Jaywing

Brand Protection Online: What every brand needs to know & how to react quickly to negative information (Igniyte)

 Over the past five years, all brands have been finding and engaging with their audiences on social media and wherever they’re gathered online to grow their presence. At the same time, Google and other search engines have developed their algorithms so that third-party websites, forums and press articles rank highly for brand names. Brands now face issues with these articles and sites ranking highly when they’re not always positive. In this session, Caroline will be discussing how to react quickly to negative content online and how to portray your brand positively.

Caroline Skipsey







Caroline Skipsey, Managing Partner at Igniyte

The art of brand engagement and social listening (Wolfstar & Stashmetrics)

This session will examine and challenge the perceptions around ‘what is truly effective in brand engagement’ from a strategic and tactical position. If we assume that brand engagement is the process of providing branded communications and experiences that add value to consumers’ lives and that nourish relationships between them and the brand in all its guises – then we will be on our way.

In the second part of the session, Sam takes a look at how the way you listen to social media can affect the kind of engagement that happens around branded content. He will also examine the importance of context in social listening and how brands can apply some of these techniques to deliver more actionable measurement.

Tim Sinclair





Tim Sinclair, Chairman at Wolfstar & Sam Oakley, Co-Founder at Stashmetrics

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