#DLMLeeds Speaker Spotlight: Ian Harris

As part of our build-up to next month’s Digital Leaders Masterclass #DLMLeeds, Search Laboratory’s CEO Ian Harris, takes centre stage in our ‘Speaker Spotlight’ feature.

What can delegates expect to take-away from your session – Search in 2016: How you need to think and what you need to do?

        1. Actionable insights into effective SEM and its role in the buying cycle
        2. Real-life examples of successful search campaigns and advice on best practice in 2015 and beyond
        3. Agency tips and tricks on how to optimise your campaigns and maximise ROI
        4. How to avoid common ‘search campaign’ pitfalls

What inspired you to enter a career in digital?

There were two things that inspired me: I saw the collective specialisms of search marketing companies and translation companies coming together to make a mess of international search marketing, and I realised there was a gap in the market for culturally sensitive and linguistically faithful international search engine marketing.

The industry is very data driven and having a maths background – I love that!

What is the biggest ‘Digital’ challenge that brands face in 2016 and beyond?

Structuring themselves internally to maximise the efforts of all departments.  The interconnection between PR, SEO, PPC, Brand, display and offline marketing teams is critical because they all form part of the customer journey and all enhance each other.  Getting these teams with very different backgrounds and skill sets to work together for the greater good is critical (but is really hard), especially in large brands.

What’s the ‘one’ campaign you would have liked to have been involved with and why?

Paddy Power.  Why? It just looks like great fun and is viral marketing done really well.  Having said that, I love some of our campaigns because they have the same type of ethos but are highly data and results driven.


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