#BEMLeeds Review: Jennie Fisher at Provident Financial

Jennie Fisher, Digital Marketing Campaign Manager at Provident Financial, shares her own unique experience from attending last week’s Brand & Audience Engagement Masterclass #BEMLeeds, which was hosted at Elmwood’s office in Leeds.

We’re Marketers and we like to delight our customer by giving them tailored messages and products and services! Oh and we know everything about Marketing!

No. No we don’t.

We think we know everything and we like to put people in boxes and give *groups* of people tailored messages and products.

Identifying those groups used to be quite straightforward and I thought I really understood who I was looking at until I listened to a presentation by Dan Monteith and Tim Leonard from Elmwood.  Now I am questioning everything. And. It’s. Awesome.

No really!

I work in Financial Services.  We have one service (a short-term loan) which we provide to around a million people across the UK and Republic of Ireland.  Now whilst there are some similarities between customers they are not robots or clones.  They are all individuals and it was good to be reminded of that.

Just like it was good to be reminded that despite the numerous spreadsheets I look at, Marketing is still not a pure science.  Every day, regardless of which sector you are in, we are constantly trying to make people like us. Yes you can ask customers to say out of 10 how much they like you or trust you or feel something fluffy and warm inside about your brand and produce a lovely chart, but that’s just a snapshot of that moment in time.  Maintaining and building that fluffy feeling i.e. getting people to feel engaged with your brand takes time, data and a bit of a gut instinct, it seems.

Getting these reminders can be difficult though, especially if you happen to work and live in the North of England.  If you are in London, there are tons of opportunities to go and listen to a new viewpoint and discuss the latest trends or ideas with your peers.  If you are in Bradford, those opportunities generally come with a 6.30am train departure.

Not anymore!

I have had the opportunity to attend both Masterclasses hosted by John and I have come away from both with that “I knew that but I never thought of it like that…” a feeling which is great.  The last thing you want is to sit through three hours of PowerPoint and feel like you haven’t gained anything.  Ok so nothing that I’ve heard has been new to my ears.  Frankly, I’d be a bit worried if it was but each speaker has given me a new perspective on a topic that maybe I’ve not really thought about for a while. It’s been the inspiration for me to question not just why we are doing something but why we are not doing something.

And I didn’t have to get up at 5am to get it.

If you’d like to attend the Digital Leaders Masterclass, which takes place in Leeds on Tuesday 3rd November 2015, please click here to book your seat.

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